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Benefits of Sensate

Sensate relaxes you by vibrating softly over your chest. Soundscapes played via an app offer an immersive experience.
Calms your anxiety

In just 10 minutes

Lowers your stress

Anywhere, any time

Improves your sleep

No pill, no hangovers

Users love their Sensate...

How does Sensate work?

Sensate is designed to work naturally with the body's nervous system. Sensate was created to improve your own ability to handle stress.
Soft vibrations

Sensate is placed on your chest, and it emits soft vibrations that act like a massage to your nervous system.

Internal purr

The vibrations travel through your body, relaxing your nervous system. It's why cats purr.

Soothing audio

The device works with an app, that plays carefully composed soundscapes, providing an immersive experience

3 relaxing facts about Sensate

Patented infrasonic technology

This is the only product of its kind that is designed to gently soothe your nervous system using non-invasive sound resonance on your sternum.

Instant relaxation in as few as 10 minutes

Reported improvements: sleep quality, heart rate variability, reduced anxiety, increased focus, and overall well-being.

Engineered and manufactured in the UK

Based on 30 years of clinical practice in integrated healthcare and five years of R&D.

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